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There’s a certain purity and allure to art crafted simply for the sake of genuine expression. The desire to unleash one’s unique vision into the world is an attitude embraced by those often celebrated for pushing boundaries, and it’s under this same premise that SENNA was formed.

Hailing from Mannheim, Germany and drawing their name from the Arabic word for brightness, shine or glow, bandmates Simon Masdjedi (vocals), Tobias Stulz (guitar/vocals), Marcel Dürr (guitar), Fabian Cattarius (bass), and Leon Dorn (drums), never intended for SENNA – originally established as a studio side project – to come into its own as a fully-fledged unit. Yet, tackling a luminous mix of lively but technical instrumentation and edgy hard-rock meets progressive post-hardcore styling, the band’s artistic prowess quickly caught the attention of SharpTone Records, who signed the group and have joined forces to release their debut EP, A Moment of Quiet.